Thinking of Trying Proximity Marketing?

July 2019

The exponential growth of mobile device usage has made businesses look for new and attractive ways to engage with potential customers whilst keeping their existing clients happy. Proximity marketing helps small, medium and large size companies to do just that.

By using the full power of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies, marketers can display a diverse range of content to mobile device users who are both nearby a location of your business and looking to make a purchase.

What exactly is Proximity Marketing?

It is a form of advertising which involves targeting mobile-device users with personalised content (e.g. an offer, coupon, news or extra information) based on how close these are to a specific location (your shop, a location, for an event or launch of a specific product you are selling, etc.).  Even better, most proximity marketing campaigns are two ways, so the customer is invited to take an action.


This marketing technique can be implemented utilising a number of different methods, such as Bluetooth beacons, NFC (Near Field Communication), QR codes, Geo-fencing and Wi-Fi. It can also be used for a variety of industries like retail, museums, sports facilities, airports, property, construction, and many more…

When considering proximity marketing, there are many possibilities. Ideally, we like to start with client objectives and brainstorm from there. However, some ideas to get you started:

  1. Drive more in-store visits
  2. Trigger ticket sales
  3. Promote merchandise sales
  4. Run special promotions/ offers in-store
  5. Give navigation assistance to consumers at events.
  6. Create a PR stunt, using play and games, creating talkability.
  7. Offer more content and encourage retention through value offering
  8. Keep your customers updated with the latest trends or information about your product.

Proximity marketing is an attractive tactic to marketers and businesses because more than 2 billion people own a smartphone and it can offer hyper-local and thus hype relevant communications.

Setting up a proximity marketing campaign needs to be well thought through, if you would like some support, make sure you fill in the form to get in touch with Amber and her team to see how she can help you and your business grow.